Digital Impantology: Innovative and efficient dental treatment

Digital Impantology: Innovative and efficient dental treatment

Dental implants are a sure way to solve dental problems. For many years the procedure has been consisted of manual surgery procedures. However, the procedures even though less intrusive have put into doubt the levels of accuracy. Surgery is very sensitive and leaves no room for error.

Digital dentistry is the process of using technologically advanced equipment to perform dental surgery. This computer aided procedures require intraoral scanners and computer aided software. The benefit for the dentist is more efficiency and accuracy. Procedures that would have taken many hours, now take  a couple of minutes. This also means you can serve more customers. Dental equipment can be very expensive and that is why you need to get cheap dental equipment from a reputable supplier.

The journal of the American Dental Association published report in 2004 that stated that investment in emerging dental technologies was paramount for the efficient and effective functioning of a dental practice. So why should a dentist invest in emerging technologies:

Technological advancements boost efficiency

A dental practice operates just like any other business – aim is to make profit. If a dentistry losses time during dental procedures it means that the business is not efficient. Efficiency does not compromise on quality but enhances it. Technology in the area of CAM enables everyone in the dental practice to communicate effectively. Notes by the secretary can be attached to the patients records and appointments can be managed electronically. CAD capabilities have advanced to the point where patients do not have to book separate appointments to have dental design and restoration moulds. With technology better decisions can be made which leads to reduction in errors. You can contact us for cheap dental equipment and we will issue you with a favorable quote.

Improved customer experience and expressions

Patients hate waiting in queues so that they can be served. If you have implemented advanced customer care systems doctors appointments are managed efficiently and this reduces waiting times. The reduced waiting time for appointments and dental procedures means that you have satisfied customers. Computer generated images help the patient better understand their problems. When a patient can see dental cavities and problems instead of being told what is the problem, they are able to appreciate the dental procedures more.

Procedures like laser assisted surgery have replaced the conventional cut and switch procedures and this has improved customer experience by making the procedure less comfortable. Digital impressions have replaced the conventional goop and tray methods that have been with dentists for many years. You can find the best supplier of dental equipment here. We have Real color 3D digital impressions monitors that will take your dental practice to the next level. Our products have created with quality in mind are safe and secure.

Finding cheap dental equipment can be hard. That is why we have simplified the process with a quick search on our site. You can then have a quote send to you. Our equipment range from dental, endoscopy, ophthalmology, surgical, monitoring systems, and ultrasound. Dental practices that use advanced medical equipment experience better accuracy during surgeries and an increase in turnover.

Best Supplier Dental Equipment

Best Supplier Dental Equipment
Most of the time it is the accountant who will advise on the best time to increase equipment inventory. Due to federal tax credits, you will often find dental practitioners making purchases towards the end of the year. However, you will need to be careful not to purchase equipment that you do not actually need or that has been overtaken by advancement in technology. If you are planning on making some dental equipment purchases, it is recommended that you consider the following factors.
Tax implications
It is vital that you factor in the tax implications of purchasing new equipment from any of the best suppliers for dental equipment. Sit with your accountant – if you have one – and track your expenses and incomes through the year. Ask for quotes from different vendors and research on the equipments thoroughly. Inquire whether you will need supporting software for the equipment. This is important for those equipment that retail for more than 20,000 dollars. These will include: panoramic X-ray units, cone-beam technology(iCAT), CAD-CEM milling units, hard tissue lasers among others. These equipment keep evolving – look for the latest. Check your countries tax codes for any tax breaks and take advantage of it.
Trade discounts and trade show specials
Most of the dental manufacturers sell their products through dental resellers. The reseller will purchase the equipment in bulk from the manufacturer, and once they have a applied their margin, they will sell it to you. There times resellers will present their items during trade shows, and the items could be at a discount. It is paramount that you take advantage of this discounts while they are still in place. It is hard for retailers to over-price their items because the retail prices for this equipment is well known. You can find discounts of up to 24 percent.
Investing in the latest dental technologies
If you are planning on taking your dental practice to the next level then investing in the latest equipment is a must. That is why you will need to look for the best supplier of dental equipment. Investing in the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software will greatly influence dental surgery outcomes. This will boost efficiency and enable the dentist to handle more patients in a given period of time. Some of the top software companies have ventured into dental software as demand for their products increases. CRM software helps the dentist to manage patient appointments, monitor customer care and ensure that there are no gaps when it comes to dental surgery. Computer Aided Milling(CAM) helps the dentist in crown fitting which begins from molding to delivery. The timelines are reduced to just a day instead of the usual one-month time limit.
Dentsupplyinternational deals in five areas of medical practice; dental, endoscopy, ophthalmology, monitoring system, surgical and ultrasound. We have some of the latest dental equipment that will help you streamline your operations and make you more efficient. It is paramount that you invest in the latest equipment if you to stand out and offer superior, high-quality services. This will help differentiate your dental practice from the competition.